“At present, Mergers & Acquisitions represent an increasingly common strategic alternative for growth among the Portuguese SMEs”

Business transactions are by nature complex processes. They tend to be time and resource-consuming, requiring much expertise to get a successful business outcome. Therefore, companies must be provided with the adequate expert advice, finding reliable partners who act in the company’s interests, making optimum use of the openings for success and the value of the transaction.

HMBO provides a 360 degree financial consulting service in the process of buying or selling companies. We take action, either on the seller’s side, sell-side advisory service, or on the buyer’s side, buy-side advisory service, from the definition of the client’s goals to the outcome of the operation.

HMBO’s accumulated experience comprises various sectors of activity, with operations integrated not only in growth and consolidation strategies, but also in processes of no succession, family transfer or divestment.

Sell-side | Advisory Service

We provide advice to partners or shareholders in the sale, whole or in part, of their shareholdings. This service is of particular relevance in the cases where there are business succession problems, disputes between partners, liquidity needs, divestment, or even when an offer to be welcomed by the company arises.

Buy-side Advisory Service

We provide advice to companies in the growth through acquisition process. HMBO takes the lead regarding the management of all stages of the operation: from the clear identification of the buyer’s intended strategic goals and investment profile, identification of potential opportunities, to the analysis, negotiation and closure of the transaction. Acquisition operations are an important vector for their growth and consolidation, as they are strategically relevant transactions for the reinforcement of the business dimension and the strengthening of the position in the sector, with the resulting scale gains, both financial and commercial.

Investor Advisory Service

We provide advice to investors in identifying business investment opportunities best suited to their investment profile and level of risk. HMBO monitors the entire investment process, from the strategic definition of the operation, identification and selection of companies and/or assets, economic and financial analysis of the opportunities and intermediation of the negotiation process. HMBO may also provide the investment monitoring service, developing regular and systematic reviews of the companies, reporting and supporting decision-making.

Merger and Division Advisory Service

We provide advice in processes of the merger, division or transformation of companies: the setting up of the operation, reorganization of shareholdings, analysis of synergies linked with the operation and accounting, legal and tax advice. HMBO holds a range of partnerships with lawyers and technical experts who enable it to allocate multidisciplinary teams to the projects, in order to ensure the fulfillment of all the legal requirements of the operation.