“Financing decisions have a very significant impact on the life of companies.”

We structure financing operations, either by means of equity or debt, adjusting projects and/or business plans, so as to maximize the chances of access to capital, for both early projects and companies in a more mature stage. We also develop financial restructuring processes in companies, adjusting their balance sheet structure to the profile of results. In addition, we assist SMEs in defining the mix between equity and debt instruments that may maximize their value.

Finding Investors Advisory Service

We assist companies or entrepreneurs in finding investors for their projects.  Making use of our national and international networking, we introduce the projects to potential investors and filter their signs of interest, adapting the investor profile to the type and stage of the company/project. Our network of investors comprises private equity funds, venture capital funds, private institutional investors, private investors and business angels.

With a goal-oriented approach, we monitor the whole capital raising process, from the assessment of the project and associated sustainability to the preparation of the business plan, submission of the proposal to selected potential funders/investors and support in the negotiation and formalization of the operation. These are complex processes, being that it is crucial for the success of the operation to have a broad network of partners and the involvement of skilled, independent, multidisciplinary expertise with in-depth knowledge of sectors and companies.

Fund Raising Advisory Service

We support companies in obtaining financing. We adjust the company business plan, assess the operation and its sustainability, prepare the financing dossier within the segmented offer available by credit institutions and submit it to the main credit intermediaries. In defining the financial guarantees, we work in cooperation with financial institutions and firms that provide them, monitoring all the analysis process until the final decision. We also assist companies comparing proposals, analysing letters of approval, selecting the financing entity and analyzing and contractualising the operation.

Financial Restructuring

We coordinate the entire process underlying the financial restructuring, aiming at obtaining a debt service duly adjusted to the operational cash-flow profile which will make the company viable.

HMBO has developed an innovative approach that comprises defining financial optimization measures, supporting and managing negotiations with creditors and advising on raising capital, qualifying conditions for the company’s viability.


By means of the PER (Special Revitalization Process), we renegotiate the company’s liabilities with the main creditors, working alongside with the senior management of the company, provisional judicial administrators and the legal team assigned to the process.

With a PER approval rate of 100%, an aggregate restructured liability of more than EUR 200 million, our client companies derived considerable benefits that secured conditions for their viability.


Outcomes achieved so far:

  • Reduction of debt by between 5% and 60%;
  • Amendment to payment terms:
  • Extension of financing maturities up to 15 years;
  • Introduction of grace periods of up to 3 years;
  • Reduction of spreads up to 1%;
  • EUR 30 million of capital injected in financial restructuring operations
  • 100% of guarantors’ interests protection agreements